Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby Shoes

I found this pattern on the internet for "Mary Jane's" baby shoes and thought they were adorable so I decided I would make some up.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I would love to see a pair of these on a baby girl.  I made the 3 to 6 month size.  The strap can actually be undone if one wanted to as it has a button hole, but it would be easiest to slip the little foot through the back, there is plenty of room.  Can you tell that I have "babies on the brain" as I like to call it.  LOL  Well....for those of you who have not heard.....Jenna Lee is pregnant and Mason will be having a new little brother or sister.  She is due on April 1st.  She has her ultra sound picture hanging on the frig at their house and I got to see a picture of my newest grand baby this week!

I had supper tonight with Mom and Dad.  Mom and I were doing some visiting then I was showing my Dad the AF Speedway page on face book and that brought back lots of memories for him as he raced in the 50's.  He was telling me that John Ashworth and him would go and race go carts on the track on Saturday morning's.  This got him interested in go carts and racing.  He said he first started racing when he was 16.  The stock car races were really a big thing here.  He said everyone had a car and that all the businesses sponsored cars.  There would be 300 cars on a Friday night, and that they usually would start out with 30 on the track, with lots of pile ups as everyone was just learning.  Any was pretty interesting.  Matt Mc Laughlin has put a lot of work into the page, and he is trying to get more information, and is trying to identify some of the people in the pictures.  I got a couple of pictures from him of old libraries for the library scrapbook.

Have a happy Sunday!!!  Elaine

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