Saturday, February 7, 2009

Matchbook Note Pads

Good Morning! I tried and tried to upload this post last night and it would not let me upload a picture! I finally gave up. I wasn't sure if it was the website or my computer. I tried again this morning. Same problem. So finally I decided to reboot the computer and now it works! YEAH! All else fails, rebooting usually works. I had received an update last night from Mozilla Foxfire and sometimes updates can goof things up a bit!

Yesterday, in between phone calls, Susie's visit, and going with Zach out to Melissa's to pick up a dog carrier, I worked on making these mini Matchbook's. They have paper inside so you can jot down a phone number or quick note. They are fun and fairly fast to make. I finished 16 of them yesterday and put together another 24 which I plan to finish today. I just need to make all the little tags for the covers. The sun is shining here and the snow seems to be melting off the roof so it must be fairly warm out! I think I will call Sarah and see how things are going with the new puppy! I asked Zach to send me a picture of him and when I get one...I will post it. Or....maybe I will have to go down and take some pictures and see him for myself!

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