Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CURDS Get together!

Last Saturday, Melissa, Diane, Susie, and I took a road trip to GinaK's store in Mc Farland. They were having an open house and we did a make and take which was a cute valentine treat bag. I will try and remember to put pictures of it on here tomorrow. Then we headed over to Culvers to meet up with some stamping friends for lunch. This group decided to name our group the CURDS. It is a bunch of online stampin' girls. Not everyone was able to attend our little get together but it was fun seeing our new friends again. Some of us brought stuff that we had made to show the group. Kinda like show and tell in kindergarten....some of us just never grow up! And we don't want too! LOL It was fun getting all kinds of new ideas and I took alot of picture's of cards. Jeanie had a really cool candy center piece on the table with balloons attached to it so that anyone new joining us would know where our table was. And the best part was that it had LOTS OF CHOCOLATE IN IT! Wasn't that sweet! She is a sweetheart and Jeanie is the one who started our little group! Can't wait till the CURD Herd get's together again!

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