Monday, February 9, 2009


Grandma finally got some pictures of the new baby! Here is Hunter....isn't he adorable. Sarah says he is doing really good and they love him. He loves his pillow that Grandma made him and Sarah says he will go into his cage by himself when he is tired and will lay down on it and take a nap. I wish I had time to go down and see him this week but during stamp camp week, I can't do much bumming. I always need to rest up after that. But the pictures will tide me over for a little bit. Sarah was telling me how much Hunter loves his toys and that he will already "sit" if they have a toy in there hand. He just loves this little alligator she says and you can sure tell that by the picture!

Today, I went to an Uppercase Living Party at Angela July's house and had a fun time. She made us a wonderful lunch and then Darla did her presentation. It was the first time I had been to one of these parties although I have been invited to a lot of them. I just don't have the right type walls for this stuff but it sure is cool. And I love all the expressions they have. After the party, Diane and I headed up to the Rapids being as we were so close, and I did some grocery shopping and I picked up some CD's as I was down to my last one. I caught up on my email after I got home and then started packing for tomorrow's Stamp Camp. I am just about finished packing. I finished reading my book tonight and then started reading Nicholas Sparks book "At First Sight". It was a little bit too interesting and took me along time to get sleepy but then I was too warm to fall asleep so here I am writing to you! Hopefully no one will call too early in the morning! Chow! Boo

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