Thursday, February 12, 2009

Angela's pretzels with Yummy for Your Tummy stamp

Good Evening! I just got home from a fun evening with the Yackette's. We went to Firehouse Pizza by Christmas Mountain. We had a great usual, with lots of laughter. The gals had a card which they somehow snuck around the table and everyone signed it and I did not see them...which just amazes me so I wonder if they did it while I was at the salad bar. They sang "Happy Birthday" to me which for some reason made me blush....could it have been the Bacardi Silver Razz!?!?!?! Any hooo....our waiter gave us free Frozen Fried Brownies and Frozen Fried Cheesecake, neithor of which I had ever had before and they were quite yummy. I had bite of each. Delicish!

Today's pictures are of something I did not make. Angela July, a new stamper made 40 of these pretzels for the children in her kids school, along with cupcakes for her daughters class, presents for all the teachers, etc. Little Miss Overacheiver.....more power to you Angela! I asked her if she would send me a picture to show you all as she used a stamp set she just received during Sale-a-bration called Yummy. I think it is so darn cute! Not too late to get one for yourself! Just order $50.00 worth of Stampin Up merchandise (at one time) before the end of March and you can pick one of 6 different things for free from the Sale-A-Bration catalog!

Today I was finishing up some left over packets from stamp camp and I will post some pictures of those tomorrow! Have a good night! Boo

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