Friday, October 21, 2011

Rummaging Away

Today, Jenna, Mason, Val, Emma and I went to a huge rummage sale that was inside a Christian School on 76th street down the street from Olive Garden.  It was the third day of the sale and they still had ROOMS full of stuff and everything was half price.  It was fun to look at all the stuff.  I guess they have been having this sale for over 40 years according to one of the workers and when we checked out, they gave us a slip of paper with the dates of the sale they are having in May.  I guess it is just nuts when it opens on the first day.  Then we went to a resale store called Mommy and me, and Jen and Val both bought some clothes for the kids.  Mason fell asleep before getting to the next store so I stayed in the van with him and both Mason and Grammie had a much needed nap.  A half a sleep Mason then had a haircut and we took off for home for lunch.  Jenna was tuckered out so we visited and I crocheted and Mason ran around happily chattering.  We went out again in the late afternoon, then spent the evening visiting while Mason slept.  We were concerned he may be up all night but he went back to sleep after being up for about 45 minutes so hopefully he will stay down for the night.  Jen says he has been sleeping a lot this week and she thinks he may be going through a growth spurt.  This little chica better head to bed as she has babysitting duty in the morning while Antonio (and Jen) go to Antonio's last adult confirmation class.  Then he will be able to become a member of the church that they attend.  That's all for today folks!  Good night!!!  Elaine

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