Tuesday, October 11, 2011

M is for Mason

At our girls night out in September at Lady Di's house, we made these scrap books.  Di told us what supplies we would need to bring, and we all made these in different colors.  I chose to put Mason's initial on the front of the scrap book which only took a few minutes to cut out with my Big Shot, but it has taken me a month to get done!  LOL  It was in the pile of projects to finish.  Which I am proud to say that I have finished the pile that this was in!!!
I am now going to show you the book flipped open with pictures of my little cutie pie.  This Grammie sure can not wait to see him next week.  He is walking now, and I can't wait to see him toddling around!
The nice thing about this being on a ring is that I can add pictures to it as he grows.  The gals were telling me that I should add a picture of him growing each year.  A very good idea!
Perhaps it should be called, "the many faces of Mason"!  :-D
While I was talking to Jenna on the phone today, he was getting into the tissue box, and was eating a kleenex!  LOL  She was taking the box away from him and she told me that he even knows to take the kleenex out of his mouth when she catches him at it and give it to her when he gets caught at it!  I thought that was so funny.  She says he knows he is not suppose to be doing it but does it anyways.  :-D
I am hoping that when I visit, that the weather will be nice again so that we can take him to the park.  He really likes to play in the sand, and when they were there last week, he pitched a fit when she took him out of it to go home.
Today I got my hair cut, and it feels great to have it short again.  It is so much easier to take care of.  I finished 3 large notebooks today, 32 bookmarks, and worked on cutting more bookmarks out with the big shot, and also punched up a stack of scraps with the scalloped edge die.  I even got a nap in, even though I have been working up a storm.  I will have lots of projects to share in the upcoming days!!!  Have a great Wednesday!!!  Elaine

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