Friday, October 28, 2011

If You're Feeling blue - try painting yourself a different color

More book marks with another cute saying.  It is always fun to have cool book marks when you are reading.

I am back home after being gone for a week.  I left for Milwaukee a week ago Thursday and I stayed with Jenna and her family until Monday.  I had a great time with them as usual, and it was so fun to see all of Mason's new tricks!  On Monday I started back this way and stayed at Sarah's until this Thursday.  Tuesday was bring Mom to work day (as Sarah called it) and we went to Madison with Vicki (Sarah's mother-in-law) to shop for scarecrow supplies and other things.  On the way home we went to Tanger Outlet Mall in WI Dells and I got to see all the cute fall displays they have set up at the mall.  Absolutely adorable pumpkin patches with scarecrows, gourd towers, etc. JerryD's Landscaping, Sarah's in laws do all the landscaping, decorating, and snow plowing for Tanger and the Wilderness.  On Wednesday, Sarah went to work and I stayed at the house and baked three loaves of banana bread for her, finished crocheting a cowl for her I started on Monday when I arrived, and a dish cloth for her.  She looks adorable with the cowl on.....she is suppose to send me a picture for the blog, and I will be able to show it to you then.  Thursday was bring your mom to work day (again) as it was cold out and they were going to be working indoors.  They have been making and redoing there scare crows and will soon be changing things over to Christmas.  Next week they will start decorating for Christmas.  They are now making ice skaters and we worked on the very first one.  When we left, Vicki was finishing the ice skates.  She was absolutely adorable.  Too cute.  In between things, I worked on cutting and sewing bodies.  I got nine finished so they will haves some ahead which Sarah said would be really nice for them as they could just grab one and start decorating her.  I saw some of the outfits they had for future skaters and they were very cute!  I showed them how to make a loopy flower out of felt and they used it to embellish the skaters hat.  Hopefully I will get a picture of the finished skater so I can show you what they look like.
I have been unpacking, doing laundry and putting away stuff today.  Plus I made a trip to the library and to Practical Cents.  I found a great office chair, amongst other things, and I am so tickled about that.  I have been looking for one for quite some time.....probably over a year.  It was really a blessing to find a like new one for a reasonable price!  My other project today was to switch my clothes over from wire hangers to plastic ones, and I sorted an organized it all while I was at it.  It is nice to have that project done!
I started reading the book The Secrets of the FBI during rest time.  I finished reading the first chapter and it is pretty interesting so far.  I had a looonnnnng nap and just woke up around 9pm, and had a late supper!  I have had a great week but it is good to be home!  Elaine

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