Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My husband lets me buy all the fabric I can hide....

Here are some more book marks made with the PTI book mark die, and that cute Darcie sewing stamp set.  Quilters are known to "hide" fabric...not me...as I don't/won't hide my fabric from any one, but I have read that women hide it from their spouses.  They hide it in the trunk of the car, under beds, closets, where ever they can find a good hiding spot.  So this will be a fun book mark for the quilters, especially the fabric hiders!

I had supper tonight with Mom and Dad.  Sarah was suppose to come too, but she got half way here, and Zach called her to tell her that he could not find their cat Whiskey.  He had called and looked for Whiskey all around the house and he did not come out.  They are having a new furnace installed and he was afraid that the cat had got out of the house.  Zach was headed to school, he is taking an IV Tech course right now, his final exam is on Wednesday, so he had to leave.  So Sarah turned around to head home and called us to let us know that she wouldn't be able to come for dinner.  Sarah was very upset....Whiskey and Hunter (the dog) are her babies, and she was pretty frantic that she wouldn't be able to find him in the dark.  I was going to go help her look for him, but my bearing on the van won't be fixed till Thursday, so I didn't dare risk it, but I told Sarah that I really thought he was hiding and was scared from them banging on the metal, etc. installing the furnace.  My cats were terrified when my new roof was being put on.  She didn't think this was the case as they have had workers in the house before and it didn't bother Whiskey.  But fortunately, I was right, Sarah's mother-in-law found Whiskey under the bed.  Sarah said that she had been in the bedroom before this calling for him and he didn't come out.  I told Sarah that he probably could tell by her voice that she was upset.  She said to me, "You are probably right Mom", as Vicki was very calm and had been walking around, looking under things calling his name.  Whiskey stuck his head out from under the bed when she called his name and she got a hold of him.  Sarah said that he was so upset.  His little heart was just racing, and that he did not want to go downstairs to the main level, nor did he want to go in the basement where his littler box and food are, and that he got really squirmy when she took him down there so that he could see everything was okay in the basement.  As soon as she set him down on the basement floor, he ran back up the steps.  She said that most of the night that he was upstairs.  When I was talking to her later in the evening, he was on the main floor but was still fearful, and would keep looking around.  I told Sarah that he didn't like "his space" being changed, nor the noise, and perhaps one of the workers didn't like cats either, who knows.   But I am guessing that he was really upset about the noise and them tearing his space apart.   She said that he does consider that his space, and that one of the workers said he was running around nuts on the canning jar shelves in the basement.  Poor baby, he is normally such a laid back cat.  I know my cats do not like things moved around, especially in the bathroom where their food and litter box is.  Any whoo...I suggested and she said that she was going to do this....to lock him up in their bedroom upstairs with his food and litter box, so he would feel safe (hopefully) and they wouldn't have to worry about someone letting him out by accident.  So keep Whiskey in your prayers while this furnace is being installed!  :-D  Elaine

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