Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ear Warmer

A denim color earwarmer/headband.  Above is a close up of the flower and below is a full size picture of the headband.  It has two button holes so you can adjust it to fit your head size.
I had a busy day today, with bible study in the morning, and I ran some errands afterwards.  I donated 4 pictures out of my collection to the church.  Two of them are going in the concord room where we hold our stamping events and the other two will be going in the hallways I think.  Our church is going through a redecorating process right now, and I am trying to downsize.  I am glad that they will be enjoyed by everyone, as I have enjoyed them all these years.  A win win for everyone.
This afternoon I got my oil changed, and I need to have the right wheel bearing repaired so I am going to be grounded for the next week till the van goes in the shop on Thursday the 20th.  I had the other 3 bearings done 2 years ago, so hopefully things will be good for a while!
Not much crafting got done today.  I crocheted a couple of flowers in the morning, stamped a few bookmarks tonight, and spent several hours punching designer paper strips with the scalloped edge punch.  The endless project of making use of my scraps.  It will be nice to have a whole bunch of them ready when I am working on projects.  Until tomorrow....Elaine

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