Monday, June 13, 2011

Stamping Buddies

Nadine Ashworth and Nancy Sorensen, also known as Ethel and Lucy.
Hello!  Tonight was the monthly meeting of my former stamping group, that Susie Smith has now taken over.  I decided to bring my camera along to take some pictures of my stamping buddies.  Usually I am too busy running around to take pictures, and I wanted to get some pictures as I want to do some wall art to hang in my new place in Milwaukee.  I got some pretty good pictures of the gang I thought!  It was fun seeing everyone and we made some cute cards.  It was a nice break from sorting and packing which I did all day long.  I was working in the bathroom today and finished working on the corner area.  Part of my project was to sort out a file cabinet full of papers.  I am glad that is done.  I just have a few drawers in the bathroom to finish, which I may do yet tonight and then the bathroom will be done too!
Maureen Bruce, Sue Bartels, Beth Griffith

Barb Cook and Sandy Wellumson
Someone just pulled into the yard, and it was Carol Camp bringing me more boxes.  She is on call tonight so didn't stay.  It is so nice that she keeps bringing me them.  I don't have to spend my time trying to hunt for boxes and I can keep working away on things here.

I am sure enjoying this cooler weather, I hope you are too!  Elaine
Susie Smith

Dana Diorio and Diane Dilworth

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