Sunday, April 17, 2011

Owl pins

These are some felt owl pins that I am currently working on.  I took these six to the Dells on Friday.  I had a doctor's appointment in the morning in Mauston, then I went to the St. Vinnies, restocked the booth at the Dells, and then headed to Milwaukee's to Jenna's house.  The wind was terrible the whole way and the van really sucked up the gas.  :-(   Little Mason greeted me with a big smile when I walked in the door, much to Grammies delight!  I have been having fun loving him up, and spending time with everyone.  Diana and I went to Joann's in the afternoon on Saturday.  It was fun to walk around in there as I haven't been to the city, any city, for months.   I taught Diana how to finger crochet bracelets out of old T shirts and she liked doing that a lot.   They turned out very nice.  We also played the board game Name 5 that I got Diana for Christmas and that was fun.  In between things  I have been crocheting biffer shrugs.  I  figured out how to do the front and back post double crochet thanks to Lady Di, and mine now looks like the pattern, plus I seem to be able to crochet them faster.  I can't find my yarn needle so I will have to wait till I get home to finish sewing up the sides, or perhaps I will buy one while I am here, we will see.  I have 2 done and a third started.
Today we went to church and it was a beautiful service for Palm Sunday.  The Sunday school kids waited till every one was seated then they marched up the aisle waving their palms, they looked so cute, and I couldn't help but think that soon Mason would be marching along with them.  They also plan to send him to school there.  The children then lined up on both sides of the aisles, the congregation began singing and then a procession with the Pastor singing came up the aisle.  The kids then assembled in the front of the church and sang a song.  Plus the choir sang today, and they had trumpets, drums, etc playing.  A very nice moving service.  It is a beautiful old church and I love it there.  Mason was very good.  He likes going to church.  We went to Mr. Churro's for lunch and that was fun.  Mason loves all the Mexican murals on the walls.  He is also a people watcher, and between looking around and eating, he was a happy camper.   I had my very first Mexican hot chocolate.  It is very good, and very rich.  I have never had anything quite like it.  I ordered a burritto, and that was very good too.  They put the sour cream right inside it, and I don't know what all else except that I saw lettuce, tomato, and onion, and I chose ground beef as the meat.  They had all different kinds of meat to choose from, pork, chicken, tongue, and I don't remember what all else.   Then we decided to go over to Roberto and Edith's house to visit them.  The boys were surprised to see me.  I opened up my arms and little Saul came running into them.  I said to him "Oh how I have missed you"...and he let me hold him...and then the other boys took their turns.  It was pretty funny when we were saying our goodbyes.  I thought he was trying to call me missy, but he was saying Miss you, and he said Bye Grandma, which I thought that was so cute as the older boys consider me their Grandma, but I did not know that Saul had picked up on that.  He is now 3, and I have not seen the boys since the middle of December.  Have a great week!  Elaine

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