Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baby Afaghan

This is a baby blanket that I was working on while at Sarah and Zach's house.  I had started it a few days before Sarah broke her leg and it went along with me to her doctor's appointment, and when she was in surgery I was working on it while talking to Zach.    Then I spent many days working on it on and off while I was helping the kids.  Every time I needed to do something I had to make sure that I put it away, and up high so Hunter couldn't get ahold of it as he sure wanted it.  Plus Whiskey, the cat was trying to eat the it was a long process working on it there.  In fact, the first week, I totally gave up on it as the pets would not leave it along.  But as they got more used to me being there, they were better about letting me work on projects.
Mason has decided that it is great fun to  give Grammy kisses, much to Grammies delight!  He is such a little nut.  Tonight while I was babysitting for him, Sponge Bob Square pants had a marching band on it.  Mason was sitting on the floor playing with his toys and he started bouncing up and down with his arms going like he was marching.  It was hysterical.  He can be so funny, and he absolutely loves to laugh. He will do a fake laugh to get attention and loves it if you mimic him doing it.  

Jenna and I watched the Passion of the Christ tonight for the very first time and we were very moved by it.  Then we had our bibles out after we watched it and we were looking up things which led to some good discussions.  What a beautiful gift we were given.

I said to Jenna tonight, that we only had a few more days left.  She said "I know, I was thinking about that today.  It went so fast.  Are you sure you have to go home, that you can't stay longer?"  I feel that way too but I do have things I need to get done at home so I will be going back when planned.  Have a Happy Easter!  Elaine

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