Friday, April 1, 2011

Old Song books....

Here is a picture of the old song books I bought in Reedsburg at the thrift store when I was helping take care of Sarah.  They are all small books so they will be perfect for back ground papers on cards.  Most of them are pretty old so they have a nice aged patina to them, perfect for what I want to use them for.  Perhaps tomorrow I will work with them.  I was just out to the mailbox to get three days worth of mail.  It is a slow process hobbling out there and back!  LOL  And I also just brought in my clothes and a few other things from the van.  It sure was a lot easier to carry stuff in than when I tried it on Tuesday.  I still am moving slow and carefully, but a lot better than a few days ago.  I haven't been doing much except for talking on the phone, going on the computer, and watching TV.  Have a great weekend!  Elaine

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