Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Many Mower's

I made this card last night using the new set in the mini
catalog called Many mowers. I borrowed this set from Susie
so that I can make some samples up with it to show at
Nadine's party. This card I made to put in a care package
that I sent out to a friend today.
Today the roofing project started. They got a lot done. One half of the roof was tore off, sheeted with new plywood and rolled roofing, trim, fascia and is ready to shingle tomorrow. The cat's hate all this and growl out the window at the worker's before they hide. They were MIA for 4 hours this morning and did not come out till it was perfectly quiet while the worker's were eating lunch. Molly wanted to be held and purred up a storm while kind of shaking, she was so glad to be in my arms and that the racket had stopped for a while. She even gave me a kiss on the cheek. It took another 10 minutes for Taffy to appear and she slinked out...looking in all directions with her ears bent down. She was really upset. When they started working again, the growling began and then they hid for another 2 and 1/2 hours. Molly came out right after the worker's left and was my shadow the rest of the day. She wanted to be held, or petted, or was up on my stamping table in my face till I paid attention to her. Poor thing. Taffy waited another half an hour before appearing after the workers were gone and was very subdued the rest of the day. She did not get into ANY trouble which is quite unusual for her. My nickname for her is Taffy the Terror. I was just watching some TV and they both were curled up with me. Molly had to be curled up in the crook of my arm. She is my little lover. I feel bad that they are going to have to go through this again tomorrow but what are you going to do, the roof needs to be done. I am flaring up from the vibrations and noise and am trying to rest and relax so it doesn't turn into a major flare. I did manage to get 5 samples done between 2 and 7 tonite and I will have lots of cool cards to show at Nadine's party.

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