Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home Improvements

Hello! Today I thought I would show you some more of the home improvement projects that have been going on here. This is the new ceiling fan that I had installed. I just love it. It probably would have been better if I would have waited till daytime to shoot these pictures but as you know, I usually like to post at night. For all of you that have been writing and asking me to organize your stamping space.....the answer is NO! LOL are welcome to come and look at mine if you need idea's. I think mine is almost perfect, for me anyways and I have plenty of work space in there to have friends over to stamp too. I will show you that another day. I just have a tiny bit left to do in the stamping room but didn't work on it today as I took a friend to the ER and spent most of the day there. Perhaps I will finish it tomorrow, we will see. This book case was in the stamping room before. I kind of used it as a wall and the back was visible with dark paneling and I had picture's and a shelf hung on it. I had it moved over here in the living room at the bottom of the staircase which was also a wasted area. I had it repainted and it fits there perfectly and I love that too. I have cookbooks, craft books, quilting books, and stamping magazines on it and room for expansion. The lighting is really good there so it is a great place to have them all stored. These are all ones that I have read...I have another BIG stash of unread books and magazines out of sight......tee hee. This is another one of my love's in life. Next to the book case is part of my picnic basket collection. At the present time I own 6 of them. I am not sure what got me started on collecting them, it really wasn't intentional, but I do like them a lot and will pick them up if I can find them at a reasonable price. If I had to take it a guess why I like is because I loved Yogi Bear so much as a kid...and he was always stealing picnic baskets which I thought was pretty funny. That is one of the reason I have always called Sarah "Boo" or "Boo Boo Bear" or "Sari" or Sara bear. The people I love most in life usually end up with a nick name. Jenna is Jenna Lee, Jen, or baby Jen Jen. Then Lady Di and Don when I first met them decided to come up for a nick name for me because they could never remember my name...and hence I became Boo Boo. Di doesn't call me that any more but I kind of decided to use it as a pen name so that is why you will sometimes see me sign as Boo. Until tomorrow....have a good night! Boo

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  1. Hi there, Love your book shelves and picnic baskets....perfect place for them. Of course,I know exactly where they are since I have been to your house before. All your reorganization looks like it will work out really great for you! Somehow I missed getting these pictures guess I am caught up now!