Friday, April 24, 2009

50th Anniversary Card

Hello! No...I did not die.....just been working too hard! LOL I am still working on the scrapbook room and have been working on the stall on at the flea market. Hopefully soon I will get back to posting on a regular basis! I needed to make a 50th Anniversary card for Ken and Doris Collins. Thier daughter Pam is my age and we were friends all the way through school. We spent a lot of time at each other's houses. Pam's mom Doris is a sewer and a quilter. She made me lots of barbie doll clothes for birthday gifts and also alot of clothes for my Velvet doll. Do you remember the Chrissy doll's where the hair could grow long and then you could make it short again? Well my sister had Chrissy and I had the sister doll named Velvet. Velvet had blonde hair. I have many fond memories of the Collin's. Then there was the time when I was 19 and my friends had a going away party for me at Main Street Station the night before I left for Washington State. I lived there for 6 months, otherwise I have lived here in Mayberry. I missed good ole Mayberry so much that I had to move back, I was so homesick for the people here. I missed walking down the street here and saying "hi" to people. If you did that in Washington, they just didn't say "hi" back and were not as friendly as the people here. Anyway...I digress....(as usual). We got pretty tanked that night and after the dining room closed we were dancing in there. Well Pam and I decided to go dance on the sidewalk in front of bar on Main Street and were doing the polka. Low and behold...what do you know.....Pam's parents drove by and saw us! Now what are the chance of that! I never could get into much trouble as I would get caught for sure! One time when I was a little girl, I didn't look when crossing the street and before I got home my mom new about it. I don't know who ratted me out....but I always looked before crossing the street after that! P.S. The ribbon on this card is really not crooked. I just don't have that part adhered down and it moved on the scanner!

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