Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sneek Peek!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! This morning, Diane, Heather and I went to church together and then out for breakfast afterwards at Family Affair. Mean ole' Lady Di will not let me come over today to her home as it is Super Bowl Sunday. She thinks that I would TALK during the game. ME !?!??! TALK?!?!?!? What an outlandish idea! I promised to be quiet. I was pretty quiet yesterday when I was out there. SHE did most of the talking. But she says if I am there....she will talk to me. GO FIGURE!
Actually, I am not interested in football...and am just bugging her....because I can! But by now I am sure you are dying to know what the SNEEK PEEK is! Well...I decided that I would give you a sneek peek of one of the projects that we will be doing in this months stamp camp. It is called a Pouncing Pastel Technique and you will be learning how to make a picket fence with chalks. It is a pretty cool technique that you will love.
Now no watching football this afternoon....GET STAMPING !

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