Friday, November 11, 2011

Thrift shop fun!

I just got back from going up town to run some errands.  Practical Cents was calling my I understood why when I got there.  It was half off the entire store today.  So...I thought it would be fun to show you what I all picked up for a mere $10.61 !!!!  Some of it isn't for me, I got a few things for Jerry D's to use for scarecrow and skater making.

Doilies, gold strung beads, pearls, and strung pearls.  The blue bags is 5 yards of blue fringe.
This is the first picture I took and you can see that Taffy is up there snooping, she wanted to see what I bought.  She had to "touch" the jingle bells, and she knocked them off the table.  In this photo we have tiny wooded spools which I plan on covering with pattern paper.  Assorted buttons, brown buttons, beautiful fall colored pom poms in an assortment of sizes, a new spool of lavender thread.

A better look at the blue fringe in this photo, magnetic sheets (you will see a future big shot project with theses), a bag of really nice ribbons for card making.

A full skein of yarn, two balls of yarn, a better look at the jingle bells, (note they are from wool worth, remember the old wool worth stores?) and thread.
A full spool of pink lace, 2 packages of wiggley eyes, a package of decoupage tissue (I thought that would be fun for card making, or to decorate candles)
A bag of pink fringe, and a bag of yarn that is wound on cards, a peek at the pack of doilies.
I haven't opened this up yet, but it has a full skein of yarn, a crochet hook, and some started project that I will probably pull apart for the yarn, and use the yarn for something else.  We will see what it looks like once I open the bag.
This is very thick yarn/cord that I thought would make good scarecrow hair.
I picked this up for Sarah. She asked me to look for solid color plates for her.  She wants a bunch of them to do a mixy matchy look when she has large groups over for holidays and parties.  She only wants the big plates, and normally I wouldn't have picked this up, but at half price, I figured she could give a plate of cookies on the small plate to someone, and fill up the mug with cocoa packets, cookies, or something as a gift.
Well...I suppose I should get busy and put some of those craft supplies to use!!!  Have a great weekend.  Elaine

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