Saturday, November 19, 2011

Green baby hat

Wow...has it been some weekend.  It was another busy day at the Taste Tour in Westfield.  I made lots of new friends, the vendors were all like family by the end of the weekend!  A lot of them plan on coming over to the flea market this summer to sell so I will get to see them again there and one of the gals from Berlin plans on coming over and we will go for lunch and to the thrift shops.  That will be fun.  I took two orders this weekend for headbands and need to get those finished up.  The one just needs a button sew on and that will be done.  I stopped at Pamida on the way home and picked up some yarn so that I can start on the other one.  I will drop it off in Westfield on my way to Milwaukee.  I am looking forward to having tomorrow off to relax and sleep in!!!

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  1. Drinking OJ and taking acidophilus pills to build myself up, since it is flu season. Hope you feel better soon, and can quickly fight off what is making you sick.