Thursday, March 12, 2009

Olive Garden has been a whirlwind week. I have tons of things to post on here but haven't found the time to do it! I will tell you a little bit about my trip to Milwaukee. Jenna and I decided to go out for lunch when I got to Milwaukee. At first we were going to go to a place near there home. But it is Antonio's favorite place also and Jenna knew that he would like to go with us there so she asked me if I would like to go to her restaurant and I jumped at the chance! The three of us ended up going to Fritz's Pub on Friday night for fish and it was excellent! Back to my story... I like to go to the restaurant's Jenna manages to see the restaurant and meet the people that she works with. When we talk about her work in future conversations, I can picture her at work and I will know some of the people she is talking about. I have to say, of all of them I have been to...this one was the very best! We had a wonderful time. I am going to tell you what we had to eat because I highly recommend it! I started with a N/A Strawberry Mango Margarita and we had an appetizer of Smoked Mozzarella Fonduta. Yummy! Jenna had soup and I had a little bit of salad and some bread sticks. Then we shared a dinner of Ravioli Di Portabello which was out of this world and this will be what I will be ordering there in the future. For those of you that know me well...once I find something that I LOVE at a restaurant, that is what I will always eat there in the future! Then we had a few bites of Chocolate Ciuttuli Cake and I took the rest home. That was fantastic too...we were just too full by this time! I had mentioned when our waitress was at our table that this could be Jenna's birthday cake and she didn't say anything but in a few minutes, she had rounded up about a dozen people to sing to Jenna which was quite fun as we weren't expecting it! This restaurant is the busiest Olive Garden in the state of Wisconsin and is located in Brookfield, WI. They serve over 7000 people per week! I will tell you more about my adventures later!

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