Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Minerva!

This is one of the birthday gifts that I made for Melissa for her birthday. I also made a leaf wall quilt for her. This is a new stamp set from My FavoriteThings called Hangin' with the Peeps! When I saw this I knew I had to get it to make something for Melissa as she loves her birds and I tease her about being batty for birds. She stopped in tonight on her way home from Madison and I gave her birthday gifts to her. I paper pieced the dress, sweater, shoes, the floor and the wall. If I had my gals do this in stamp camp....they would lynch me at it is very tedious and you have to be so careful cutting all the small pieces. But I think it is worth the effort. In case you can't read the saying on it, it says on the top of the frame"To One of My Favorite Peeps" and then on the wide oval it says"You are my kind of Chick". You can always click on the pictures to see them larger if you wish too.
I have been going non stop for days. I was over to Mauston to the doctor and grocery shopping, running errands in town. I have been getting ready and packed for next weeks stamp camps, and packing for my trip to Milwaukee. I have my scrapbook stuff packed, and stuff for the kids and still need to pack my clothes. But I am very tired now as I haven't taken a break all day long so am going to head off to La La Land!

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  1. Lovely gift idea. The peeps sentiment is great. Melissa is lucky to have a friend like you.