Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday dear Jenna......Happy Birthday to You!

Jenna's 25th birthday will be on Monday, March 9th. I can't believe that she is this old already....and look how old that makes me! Tee Hee
I made this birthday card over the weekend for her and have been waiting to post it on here as I did not want her to see it. I am headed to Milwaukee in the morning and will be giving her present to her and this card then. She figured that she wouldn't be getting off work till at least 8 o'clock tonight so I am guessing.... (finger's crossed) that she won't be looking at my blog before I get there, as she plans on resting up so we can have lots of fun together. She wants to scrap book pictures of Sarah's and Zach's wedding while I am there and we will see what else she has cooked up.

I want to go to the scrapbook store in Greenfield. I have a box of Wayne's 6"x6" scrapbook stands in the van that I asked him to make and I am going to see if the Scrapbook Super Store is interested in buying some. I have talked with the owner of this store on previous visit's so she knows who I am. The stands are adorable with my scrap book pages on them if I do say so myself. :D

I will take a picture soon and put it on here so that you can see them. I will be selling them at the Friendship Shoe Box Swap and also will have them for sale at the flea market. If you are a scrap booker or will want one for sure. They are a cute way to display scrap book pages, calendar pages, recipe cards, etc. Any hoo...I am turning inside out about going to Milwaukee and I wish that it was morning so that I could leave! My backs are packed...I'm ready to go! I'm leavin' on a Jet Plane....don't know when I'll be back again.....

(not really....I will be taking the Yackette Mobile and I have to come back to good old Mayberry!!!!! The city is a nice place to visit but this is home.

This stamp set is by My Favorite Things and it is a set that Jenna got me for Christmas. I had some of the Who's that girl? line on my Christmas wish list and she got them all for me! What a sweet girl! Just like the card says....You're Simply Sweet. Inside the card I are better than ice cream! Which I thought was quite appropriate as Jenna loves ice cream.

I am hoping we will make a trip to Cold Stone Creamery while I am there. Most of this card is colored except for the wall paper and I paper pieced her pants. I fondly call these the headless girls! And being they are headless...they can be any buddy you want them to be. Can I have her body!?!?!?

Today has been another busy day. I picked up my prescription, dropped off library books, went out to Carol's and picked her up for her doctor's appointment and took her to Mauston so that she could get her stitches out. We stopped at Better Buys and I found some wedding scrap booking stuff for all of wedding picture's I have to scrap. Then we had lunch at the Oasis. We had Chicken Salad BLT's and FF's which were excellent and then dessert. We headed back to town and I took Carol to the other pharmacy so she could pick up her prescriptions and then took her back home. She has done so very much for me and my girls through the years and it was nice to be able to do something for her today. She can't drive for another week. Since I have been home I have been catching up on my emails, answering the phone, packing and loading stuff in the van. I don't know how I ever lived without a van. I sure do make the most of all the space in it! See ya in a few days! The jet will be leaving soon! Boo

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