Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Antonio plays Santa!

Jenna called this morning and Mason and her had just got home from a breakfast Christmas party at Olive Garden.  It was mainly for the kids she said.  Antonio ended up being Santa Claus for it.  She said that he was practicing his "HO HO" last night, trying to do it so Mason wouldn't hear him and "give it away" today.  She said he was so funny to listen too!  I can just imagine, as Antonio is a very animated person so I am sure it was quite humorous.   I asked her if Mason recognized him in the Santa suit and she said no.  That he wasn't really interested in Santa.  That he wanted to get down right away and toddle around and meet all the babies and kids that were there.  He is very social!  She said she did get a few cute pictures of him on Santa's lap!  Edith, Jenna and Antonio's sister-in-law put this picture on face book, so I snagged it to show you.  This is Edith sitting with Santa in this photo.  Mason was excited when he got to see his Dad in his chef coat and he went toddling over to him.  Mason received a puzzle and a few little toys so he was tickled, and he fell asleep on the ride home as he had tired himself out!

I know it is has been a long "spell" since I have posted.  I spent two weeks in Milwaukee with the kids and had the flu while I was there along with everyone else!  I have been busy doing craft shows and this week I have my Tastefully Simple and crafts set up at Curves.  I have been crocheting up a storm for orders and haven't had time to take pictures, but it has been items that you have seen before, only I have been making things in certain colors for special orders.

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!  Love, Elaine

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