Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Thrift Shop Haul

Today I had a doctors appointment over in Mauston so I hit the thrift shops while I was there, and also hit the one in town when I got back.  I thought you might enjoy seeing my finds.  The thing I am most excited about is still in the car, so you won't be able to see that.  I got a brand new, in the box, ironing board center that is in a cabinet that you attach to the wall.  You open the white cabinet door and the ironing board comes down from the wall.  When you are done ironing, you can lift it back up and shut the door.  It is going to look so nice in my sewing room and I am very excited to have found it!  Here are the rest of my treasures.  Lots of crafting supplies, and a few things for the grand kids.

Paint brushes, stencil brushes, check book covers (to decorate), travel pillows, puzzle book, and other book (I know Mason will be crazy about this book, as he loves facts, and learning).

A large bag of fiber fill which I will use for stuffing pillows.  A few skeins of yarn.  I could have bought a lot of yarn today, but I was a good girl and left it there!  :)  Those 2 skeins of crochet cotton were much too pretty to pass up!  A little paint by number set for my little future artist, Valentina.

These two bags of sequins/confetti I plan to use for making shaker greeting cards.  The gold one is the number 30, and the bag that has the shades of blues, are baby items, baby bottles, rattles, a baby carriage, sequins etc.  Cute stuff!  Now I am ready for a nap.  Have a great day!

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