Friday, August 4, 2017


Today's card is made with two Paper Smooches Stamp sets, Sentiment Sampler, and Needle Little Love.  I love Paper Smooches quirky fonts, and Needle Little Love is an adorable sewing set, and was the very first stamp set I bought from them.

I thought I would share with you some of the steps I did with this card.

I thought it would be fun to stamp some flowers and leaves on colored card stock.  This is great to do when you want to pop out a card, and you don't feel like coloring.  That was me tonight!  :)  And if you are like have oodles of small pieces of card stock that need using up.  I got rid of 4 tonight, and have left overs to use on another project.  So I stamped these then let my Brother Scan N Cut2 cut them out for me.  In the picture above you can see my pile of them.  I also cut out a piece of white card stock 4" x 5 1/4" to use as my card front.  I played around with the leaves and flowers until I liked my lay out.

I used liquid glue to glue down the flowers and leaves, then put some of my stamp blocks on top of them while they dried.  This method works really well and they dry quickly!

I added this really thin foam tape to the back of my card front.  I went to an estate sale last week and bought a whole bunch of stamping stuff.  This roll of tape was in a bag I bought of adhesives.  I love how thin it is.   Here is a picture of it in case you would like to get some.  It has adhesive on both sides and is about 1/2" wide.

In this photo I thought I would give you a little tip on how to cut fishtails on the end of your sentiments.  Cut your piece of card stock to the desired width and finished length.  In the middle of the end of the card stock. Cut a slit as far as you would like your V to be. (Fig1)  Then take you scissor and cut from each tip to the middle of the V. (Fig 2 & 3)  If you take your time and do it slowly, it should turn out perfect!
I also put some of the mounting tape under the sentiment to pop it up and give the card some more dimension.  The front panel was mounted onto a white card base that was cut 5 1/2" × 8 1/4", and then was folded in half.

I thougt I would show you how to take the accessory stamps from a set stamp set to get more use and mileage out of your stamp sets.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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