Monday, February 25, 2013

Whirlwind Sunday....what a busy day!

Yesterday was crazy busy for me.  I was up, out and about early as Sunday was the Quarterly voter's meeting at church and I had to be there before 9 am to get copies of my report ran, attend the meeting, and give my report.  Then I went to church and sat with my daughter Jenna and her family.  I spent probably another hour after church discussing treasurer business with Pastor, and they it was off to Jenna's to pick up my wallet that I had left there, then to Kwik Trip for gas, a run through the Mc Donald's drive thru to pick up some lunch, and a stop home to pick up some stamping projects to work on.  I headed out to Lady Di's and we stamped the afternoon away!  I finished 15 Mickey and Minnie cards so it was a productive afternoon with lots visiting and laughter!  Both Di and Antonio (my son-in-law) asked me to have supper with them, and I ended up having supper with Jenna and Antonio, much to my grand kids delight.  It was a delicious dinner of BBQ chicken, a California blend vegetables topped with mozzarella cheese, and a rice dish.  By this time of night I was loosing steam as I only a couple of hours of sleep the night before, so I headed home right after supper, around seven.  I was in bed and a sleep by 8:30pm, slept about 4 hours, and now I am writing this blog post and will head back to bed soon to catch some more zzzz/s before my busy Monday starts!
This post has the second half of "Thank you" cards that I made.  I thought you all would enjoy seeing them made up in some more color combinations.  They were a fun scrappy project.  Enjoy your day!  Hugs!  Elaine

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