Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thank you cards

Man, it has been such a busy week and I am exhausted!  I really need to hit the hay but thought I would do a quick post.  I made these thank you cards a few weeks ago.  I was telling Diane that I wanted to make some and she offered to let me use her new "thanks" die made by Memory Box, that she picked up at Let's Create in WI Rapids.  I cut the word "thanks" out with the Big Shot then ran it through my sticker maker to get adhesive on the back of it.  Much, much easier than trying to do dots of glue and running the risk of glue oozing out!  This was a fun little project to use some fun pattern paper's and other paper scraps with die's to cut out butterflies, and the birds, and the border strips.  I also used some of my thrift shop lace on some of them, and my "never ending, humongous spool of baker's twine" to wrap around the cards, make a bow and add some texture!!!
I have a fun little story to tell about Mason.  Last night he was sitting on my lap, looking at me with the sweetest little smile on his face.  Then he says Chocolate Affair...we had so much fun!  He sure did enjoy that, and he is loving story hour.  We went again today, and he did really well and made it through the whole session.  Much to his delight, we sang the song "Where is Thumbkin, where is thumb kin, here I am....  They also glued construction paper together to make a paper mouse like the mouse in one of the stories today.  Mason had never used a glue stick before and he thought that was great fun!  I see a scrap booker in the future!  :-D  Oh...and later on back at Jenna's house we were singing "Where is Thumbkin?" and even little Valentina was trying to sing along with us.  It is hard to believe that she is only ten month's old as she does so many toddler type things already.  But as I always say..the second child always learns things faster than the first one as they are always watching the older one.  Have a happy weekend!  Me


  1. Oh, just love those little stories about Mason and Valentina! Makes we want to give them a BIG HUG if I ever meet them in person! What joy and happiness they bring to this big old world of ours. Like your Thank You cards too....bold and out there...pretty too. I need to head down and make my Grandson Drew a birthday card, his birthday is March 21 and he will be 22 years old! He was our premie and so thankful he is a wonderful young man and strong and smart! In his third year at the University of Illinois in Chemical engineering. Talked to our younger son Jim who is living in Hawaii with his wife Yoko. He is coming on March 4 to pick up his two dogs and stay for the week. Yoko staying home and working. They are working on opening their own Veterinary Clinic there. It is a slow process there. Got your message about your phone change.
    I am having bunion surgery on March 15 and Gus is having a knee replacement surgery on his right knee on May lst. Are we having fun yet? It could always be worse though, so thankful this is just maintenace surgery for both of us. Love ya, Corrine

  2. It is always so good to hear from you Corrine! I love your comments, and then I know someone out there is reading my ramblings....haha! All kidding a side, I know people read the blog as I can see the stats, but it nice to have comments and hear from others! Mason and Valentina LOVE hugs, and hopefully we can get you all together some time this summer to meet and you can give them those hugs you are saving up! I hope you surgeries go well...sending hugs, love and prayers! Elaine