Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me....again! :-D

Today, Carol Camp and I went to the Dells to celebrate my birthday!  We went to Joann's first of all and I got a really cute stack (pad) of boy's patterned paper.  Some of it can be used for girls also but there are really a lot of cute prints in it that I will be able to use for making boy cards, or in the kids project life pages.  There are sheets of paper that are green with ants on them and I have already told Jenna to take a picture of the kids "getting" an ant or a picture of an ant.  Both of the kids are fascinated with ants, even Valentina finds them amazing and crawls after them and as Jenna laughingly says... tortures them!
Carol and I had a fantastic lunch at Cracker Barrel, and we enjoyed looking in the shop a little bit.   They know longer have the BLT salad that I loved, but I found a grilled chicken breast with bacon and colby cheese, etc. on it that both Carol and I ordered and LOVED!!! Before we left I found a new cross necklace and earrings in the clearance section of the store that I LOVE!!  So I am very happy about that!
We saw a movie and then ended the day with ice cream at Culvers.  And it was a very nice birthday treat.  Thank you again Carol!
Back to today's card.  I made 6 of these on Monday night.  The back ground pattern paper is some of the very first pattern paper that I got with my Stampin' UP!  starter kit.  I also had sheets of pink and brown too.  I remember how much I loved that paper.  And knowing the hoarder in me....I probably was saving this for a special project.  If you saw the paper stash I have would know that it is now okay to use it!  ;-)  I have an extensive stash.  But back then I didn't.  I love pattern paper as much as I do fabric.  I love color, and I love patterns.  So today's card is a mixture of old and new.  The happy birthday is from the SU stamp set Perfectly penned, and the flower is called Triple Treat.  It was named that because if you stamp it three times in different colors like I did, you can use three different punches to punch out the images, or you could cut them out by hand too.  It is a simple layout...but it makes a striking card!  Off to la la land for me!  Happy Wednesday!  Love, Elaine

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful and fun day for the two of you. Nice card. I need to make some birthday cards asap! Great to have you posting cards again!