Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mini Aprons

I found the cutest little apron pattern on pinterest and just had to try it out!  A few years ago, I bought a box of old apron remnants from the 40's.  The gal I bought them from at the flea market Grandmother worked at an apron factory, and every day when she came home from work, she brought home the remnant fabric pieces from the apron factory.  This gal told me that she had been making stuff with them and she was also selling bundles of the remnants.  So...I thought it would be fun to make some of these bottle aprons.  They are just so cute!
I didn't have a bottle of water which is what they will be on when I am selling them so I put it on a Margarita bottle and went out on my little patio to shoot a picture.  I had to put all my hanging baskets down on the ground as it is so darn windy!
Here is the side view.  It is exactly like a real apron, only miniature!

It loops over the neck of the bottle, just like it does on a real person, and ties in the back.  It has teeny tiny pockets on the front.  One for the straw, and one to add a little note, or a piece of candy.

A good picture of the pocket and the prints.  These would make cute center pieces, at a place setting, or an inexpensive gift for a friend or co worker.  Wouldn't this be cute sitting on someone's desk or in their cubicle.  One done...and I have 15 more cut out.
Stay safe!  Elaine

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