Friday, May 25, 2012

I am ready for the weekend!

I finished working on the stall at the flea market this morning and hit three garage sales but I didn't buy a thing.  I had to stop at the old house to pick up a table that I want to use this week end at the flea market, and little Mason man did not want me to leave and he wanted to go home with me.  So I took the stroller and walked him over to my house.  He played awhile then we read some stories, and we both fell asleep watching the Aristocats.  He loves coming over here as he has no competition, and is King Pin at Grammies house.  Jenna wanted to mow lawn tonight and wanted me to watch the kids so we were suppose to be back at 4:30.  She couldn't get the lawn mower to start so she will have to do it another day.  Antonio got it running so we know that it starts, she is going to have him show her how.  We had supper together, and visited.  Plus she did some cleaning while I fed Valentina a bottle.  She is such a laid back baby, but when she decides to get mad, or wants to eat, she goes from calm to is kind of funny.  It is like she is saying, okay guys, I have had ENOUGH!  She is so smiley and full of dimples.  She sure is a cutie pie!!

Today I am going to show you some hat that I recently crocheted.  Two of them are the Newsboy which is so popular, and one baby bear, another favorite.

I'd better hip hop off to is going to be a long weekend.  Stop down to the flea market and say hi if you get a chance!  Elaine

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