Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ahhhhhh......I fooled you!
On Saturday, Sarah and I went wedding dress shopping and we found one.....and bought it!!! She looks drop dead GORE...JUS in it! She says it is her dream dress...which makes mama very happy! She said to me when we got in the van after we bought it that she thought we would have to go to 10 stores before she found one that she liked. She said "Mom...did you think we would buy one today?" and I said YES! And the neat thing about it is that we bought it as Cupids Corner in WI Rapids and I bought my wedding dress at Cupid's Corner to when it was at Johnson Hills years ago. History repeats itself! Any whooooo......I can't show you the dress, it's a surprise! But I will show you a picture that I cropped out of the detail of the dress! Have a great day! Boo

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