Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentina's doll blanket

Good evening-  I hope this finds you safe and well!  I ended up having to go out in the yuck last night and then early again this morning to watch the grand kids.  I LOVE watching it snow....from inside.  Normally I will hibernate in the winter for 4 or 5 days at a time...till I get a little cabin fever....then I will finally go out!  But not so this winter, with having the grand babies here.  It is rare to have a whole day at home.  I am either there or off on some adventure!  I got tuckered out today so I am just waking up from about a three hour nap!  Sure do love my recliner for napping!!! ; - )

Today's showcase is the keepsake doll quilt I made for Valentina's new baby doll.  She received a cabbage patch baby from her Mama and Papa for Christmas and boy does she love it.  She is always kissing the baby on those chubby cheeks, just as we are always kissing hers!

The quilt is made up of 52 two inch squares that after sew together are 1 1/2" square.  I have this sitting on the seat of the recliner at Jenna's house so you can see how miniature this quilt is.  After piecing together the quilt.  I traced the animals on the fabric with my light box, after I had sewn the panel on the quilt, then embroidered them through the fabric and flannel lining.  I purchased the embroidery/quilt pattern from Nana's Company.  A little row of lace, edges the top of the quilt and then all off the squares were machine quilted.

All that was left to do was to sew on the binding which is done by machine, and finished by hand.
So Valentina has her very own miniature quilt.  It would also be great for doll and bear collectors as it is a miniature size.  I have in storage an old doll buggy and a old doll crib.  It would look really cool in there with some dolls or bears.  One last picture of the quilt with Valentina's dolly.
When Jenna was little, she had a cabbage patch knock off doll.  I couldn't afford $25.00 for a real one and I found a doll that looked very much like them.  She named it Peggy Sue, after Peggy Sue Ramsey, the first real live baby she played with and she loved that doll so much!  Isn't it nice that she wanted her little girl to have one too only Valentina's is smaller.  They now make baby one's.  Her doll doesn't have removable clothes.  It is in a flannel attached sleeper.
Have a wonderful day!  Elaine

PS.  Corinne, you asked if I subscribe to Michelle Wooderson's blog and yes, I do.  Mishy is the one who has given me the inspiration to get going on Project Life books for the grand kids!

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  1. What a darling quilt! Makes me want to play dolls myself. I love the Cabbage Patch doll too. Neat that they have smaller ones now. My grand daughter played with those dolls too and has kept all of them!