Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Life

Greetings from the winter wonderland!  We are in the middle of a snowstorm here.  I don't know what the final count of inches is, but I do know that several hours ago we had 6 inches already.  I haven't been out yet and I don't plan to go out if I don't have too.  Our sidewalks have not been shoveled yet but one of the neighbor guys came and got my keys and moved my van so that they could plow in front.  It is so nice that he does that for me.
You probably have been wondering why I haven't been posting much this month.  It has been crazy busy with babysitting the grand kids, getting all the year end book keeping done for the church, etc.  But I do have some projects done that I would like to share.
I started thinking about doing this for the grand kids about 6 months ago, but with the flea market, learning the church treasurer job, getting ready for and doing some craft shows, I just didn't find any extra time.  I decided that the New Year would be a good time to start.  Mason and Valentine will each have their own scrapbook, and I am using Project Life by Becky Higgins plastic inserts.  It is an easier (they say :-D) form of scrap booking.  You can do as much or as little as you would like to the inserts and journaling cards.  The theory is that you do a two page spread of the 52 weeks in your life.  I decided that was probably too much for me to commit to, being as I had two books to do, so I decided that I am going to scrap what ever pictures we have of the kids that month and make the book a monthly book.  So far, I have 3 pages done for each of the kids books for the month of January.  Sometimes the kids pages will be identical except for embellishments, and sometimes I will make a page different for each of them.  I decided not to purchase coordinating Project Life kits.  There are tons of free journaling cards out there.  I have a whole board full on Pinterest if you are interested in starting your own book.  And Two Peas in a Bucket and Jessica Sprauge have digital journal cards for sale too.  I picked some up today at Jessica Sprauge.  On Wednesday's they send me an email about One Buck Wednesday and what items are on sale for a dollar.  I got a pack of journal cards, and a huge bundle with tons of digital papers, journal cards, arrows, tickets, etc.  Adorable stuff.  In between working on some church work this afternoon, I printed a bunch of the journaling cards and tickets.  Soo so cute.  I love them!  And I printed out more January pictures to scrap.  I will probably work on that tomorrow.  I think I am ready to relax in the recliner right now!!

Enough jabber....I bet you can't wait to see the pages.  Here goes!!!
You can click on the picture if you would like to see it larger.
Mason learns how to cut up his own carrots and is so proud!

The top left picture is my very favorite picture of Valentina.  Our little beauty!

This is our story right here.  at this very moment.  currently today and it starts right now!

I personalized the cover pages with there names.  It say Hello 2013 (so happy to meet you!)

A nice family picture in the upper left corner.  The middle journal card say Twenty Thirteen on the top, then points to the month of January.  I printed cards like this for each month.

Oh how they love bath time.  It is their favorite time of the day!
 I wrote little story to the kids on these pages about things they said or did.  Things that they will forget.....It is a labor of my love for the kids to have these keep sake books.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my FIRST Project Life pages!  Stay safe!  Love, Elaine

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  1. Hi, Like your Project Life! Do you follow Michelle Wooderson's blog? She is BIG into Project Life for a couple of years now. Just interesting to see how everyone does it. If my Grands were younger, I might even try it. I do enjoy seeing what other do but don't plan on going into myself. Glad to hear you are okay, I was wondering how you were doing, but know you are busy with your Grands. Are you still snowed in? You got more snow up there than we did here, but we had two days of rain previous to our snow yesterday. Think we only got about an inch or inch and a half of snow. Corrine Ann